How do you send traffic to my website?2019-02-13T11:54:31-07:00

We’ve been running traffic generating operations for other sites for well over ten years.
Our traffic comes from a large network of specialized websites,each with its own narrow market,
we have come across during our decennial experience in the online marketing industry.
Because we’ve been in the business so long, we know where to find the hard-to-get traffic.
We buy in bulk from our specialty traffic providers and then we provide you with an incredibly simple, easy-to-use interface.
This network of specialized websites receives thousands of visitors every day; we collect this traffic and, using a proprietary algorithm,
deliver it to our customers’ websites. Basically, all we do is redirect the traffic coming from this network to your website.
When you make a purchase, one of our marketing specialists will visit your website,
send you a detailed message with his professional feedback on your site and set up your campaign. It is in our best interest to do so,if you generate sales or contacts chances are you’ll be back for another purchase. Thanks to this manual review process,
our online advertising technology will maximize your internet advertising dollar by redirecting massive amounts of traffic to your website.
By connecting your site to our content-rich affiliate sites and search engines, we can deliver targeted visitors that go well beyond any traditional
online promotion method.

Is your traffic targeted?2019-02-13T11:55:15-07:00

Yes, we employ a powerful algorithm to ensure the correct geo target for each visitor we deliver.
As soon as you place your order with us,
Our marketing specialist will evaluate your website to see what targeting will work best.
Or, you can choose where you want your traffic to come from. Our geotargeting system will not send a visitor
to your campaign unless there is reason to believe that the visitor is located in a country appropriate for your campaign.
While our geotargeting system is proprietary, our results can generally be confirmed using 3rd party databases.

Although our network is composed of websites in each different category, we don’t apply specific category, keyword or business area categorization to
our campaigns.

Is Your Traffic Adsense Safe?2019-02-13T11:55:53-07:00

When buying traffic to a website with adsense, we always recommend caution.
Our Web, Expired, and Mobile traffic are not safe for your account.
Our Popunder and Alexa traffic are delivered in an adsense friendly manner.
We make no guarantees on account safety.
When you buy website traffic for this purpose, it’s a do so at your own risk situation


Will Your Traffic Convert?2019-02-13T11:56:17-07:00

Some clients report our traffic converts, however, we have no control over a visitor’s behavior so cannot
guarantee conversions. Many factors including niche, website quality, GEO target, etc determine if a
visitor converts. Compared to keyword targeting, niche targeting is broader, but also much cheaper so a
high conversion rate isn’t required to turn a profit, so buying traffic is a win-win situation.

What Is Your Refund Policy?2019-02-13T11:56:35-07:00

We guarantee to deliver all ordered visitors to websites that comply with our ToS.
In the rare event we do not complete an order, you can choose to have us send more traffic
until the order is filled or be refunded for the unsent traffic. Traffic delivery will be determined
by our system and goo.gl. Google Analytics and other
non-recommended analytic programs won’t be accepted for proof of order shortfall.

Do You Take Custom Orders?2019-02-13T11:57:01-07:00

if you have something else in mind not listed on our site or looking to make a bulk order,
please Contact US. We will let you know if we can fulfill your request regarding traffic buying.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Offer?2019-02-13T11:57:22-07:00

We take payments by international wire transfer.

When Does My Email Campaign Begin?2019-02-13T11:57:47-07:00

We send out a limited number of email campaigns daily so our lists aren’t over-advertised, so we cannot guarantee when your email campaign will be sent. However, most campaigns usually begin within
48 business hours after purchase. Campaigns aren’t sent out on weekends or holiday

Can I Provide My Own Email List?2019-02-13T11:58:07-07:00

No, we do not accept third party lists.
We need to insure the email lists we use are spam free, so only use our own lists. Our lists are triple optin and safe

Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?2019-02-13T11:58:30-07:00

Your site must be legal in the United States and the European Union. We can only send traffic to websites with content that is appropriate for a general audience. Please, no sites with illegal content, hate text or sites that promote illegal activities. We don’t allow the presence of popup / popunder / sound on the URL that
you advertise UNLESS you order a popup / sound allowed campaign. You can do so in the order form.

How do I know the traffic I paid for has been delivered?2019-02-13T11:58:52-07:00

We will start your campaign as soon as possible, usually within a few hours of receiving your order. We will email you a link so you can check the stats of your campaign while it is in progress. We usually send an order confirmation within 4-6 hours of it being placed, so if you do not receive
confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us to verify that your order has been received.

What happens after I submit my order?2019-02-13T11:59:16-07:00

After submitting your order, one of our marketing specialists will visit your website,
send you his feedback and comments on it and set up your campaign. We will also
assign you a dedicated account manager who will take care of your campaign and assist
you with any question you may have. We’ll start delivering traffic to your website within 24 hours.

Do you spam or am I in danger of being accused of using spam methods?2019-02-13T11:59:40-07:00

No. We do not promote your website via email advertising SPAM;
instead we redirect visitors directly to your website as we have described above.
Also, we will never share your personal or website information with any person or
organization.You have no way of being accused of using spam methods with our service.

Do you guarantee that I will generate more sales? What kind of conversions can I expect from a campaign?2019-02-13T12:00:51-07:00

Please note that sales on a website will depend on many factors including the website product,
content, load time, layout, product pricing, presentation, service and more factors. We will provide the service of sending visitors to your website,
your job is to generate these visitors into customers and we’ll do our best to achieve that.

Remember, web traffic does mirror a ‘billboard’ ad.
We recommend that (if possible) you generate a special ad page for your traffic campaign
(instead of sending them to your websites main page) that may include a special, an outstanding product, weekly special or one time offer.
Consider a web traffic campaign like a newspaper or billboard ad when you drive by on the highway; many people will pass them and, in some cases,
someone will slow down and write down the phone number. That’s why it is so important to catch their eye to get them interested to stay and make that decision
within seconds!

Why are your prices Much less than most other traffic brokers?2019-02-13T12:01:35-07:00

Volume! We deal with so much traffic, we are able to keep our prices
very low and save you money. We receive many customer inquiries before purchases are made voicing their concern as to why our prices are so low!
There are many other resellers out there with prices sometimes 10X our amount and guess what, the resellers buy from us!
That is how low our prices are. We dare anyone to test our service, price and traffic!